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Mercer County Lake, New Jersey Proposal - Lauren + Joe

When Joe asked me to photograph his proposal, I was so overjoyed! I have known Joe for a while through church and worshiping together on our worship team. He helped me grow into the worship leader I am today, so I was so excited and honored to be apart of this special day in his life! Joe and I met earlier this week and when I met him at the lake, he had the biggest smile on his face. As we walked, I asked him about Lauren. He went on an on about how gorgeous she is, how funny, kind, loving, and how beautiful her heart is. Cue the waterworks!!!

On the day of the proposal, he tied beautiful flowers on trees which led to a clearing by the water. The lake is a special place for their relationship as they go there to pray together, which made this spot perfect! I hid in a little bush and waited for them to come walking down the path. Lauren was so surprised! They spent some time praying together, and then Joe got down on one knee and asked Lauren to be his wife! My heart was bursting as I watched Lauren joyfully say yes!

Lauren and Joe, you are both such a light in this world and the love you have for each other is inspiring. I had such a blast laughing with y'all! It was such an honor to capture these beautiful moments. I pray that as you continue on this next step of your relationship, you are filled with the Lord's joy and excitement. Lauren and Joe, I wish you all the best for years and years to come!


Kayley Sked Photography

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