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Amanda and Austin | Intimate Backyard Wedding

September 13, 2020

Amanda and Austin have been dating for over 6 years and finally got married September 13, 2020. It was such a beautiful and joy filled day despite the change of plans and added stress due to COVID19. Austin proposed to Amanda in the Bahamas *underwater* which shows their unique passion for adventure in life, however I am sure they did not anticipate or even imagine that their adventure in planning for their wedding would take a turn. Amanda, Austin, and their families put in a lot of time and effort planning for their big day when they had to make the hard decision to postpone their larger ceremony and reception to next year. My heart really went out to them and when I was asked to take pictures, I joyfully said "Yes!" I was so excited to help out whatever way I could to help ease any stress and disappointment that they had to navigate through. It was so fun to help plan and add in any little details to make their day extra special! These past 6 months or so have not been easy on all of us, however it has been even more difficult for 2020 couples. Despite all of these challenges and added anxieties, Amanda and Austin decided to still get married on their original day and celebrate with their immediate family and friends. It turned out to be such a beautiful day with an intimate backyard ceremony at our friends house (which was GORGEOUS) and then completed the day with a backyard BBQ at her grandmother's filled with good food, lawn games, sparkler fun, and spontaneous dancing!

Amanda and Austin, it was my pleasure and honor to be able to serve and celebrate with you as you embark on your new journey into marriage. You both compliment each other so well and your passion and spark for adventure is truly inspiring! You both did it! Y'all are married! I pray over you both and your marriage that the Lord will continue to strengthen you both, and that He would continue to ignite a passion and love for each other and Him throughout these many years to come. You both will learn to navigate through hard situations and unexpected turns, and remember to trust God that He will lead you both in His perfect plans for your lives and marriage. Much love for you both, and I wish you all the best!

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