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Lauren and Joe - Fernbrook Farms November Wedding

Lauren and Joe got married on November 27, 2020 at Fernbrook Farms surrounded by their immediate family. It was such a beautifully intimate day since there were only about 10 of us all celebrating! Their beautiful ceremony was followed by a cozy cocktail hour in front of a roaring fire and then they closed out the night with a gorgeous family dinner. Their day was so emotional and I was so deeply touched and honored to have been apart of it!

Their love story:

"Lauren and I met in high school, but weren’t really friends back then. Fast forward about 10 years, I posted a rant on instagram about how there are WAY too many flavors of Oreos. Lauren saw my post, and decided to go out and buy the carrot cake Oreos. She then sent me a VERY detailed review, and we ended up talking for a few hours. A few days later we decided to get coffee and catch up.

On one of our first dates, we took a mini road trip out to my favorite bakery in Bethlehem PA. We talked for HOURS and explored some of the town. We were together all day, but when we got close to home, we felt like we still wanted to talk some more. So we stopped at the lake at Mercer County Park and talked for another 2 hours. We both knew then that this was something serious. About 6 months later, we got engaged in almost that exact spot.

Being engaged during covid was definitely a challenge, but we believe it made us even closer. We had been trying to plan a larger wedding, but ultimately decided that we would opt for a smaller, more intimate ceremony. It was the most beautiful day, filled with love, laughter, and charcuterie boards!"

Lauren and Joe have such a special and unique love story that I am so honored to have been able to witness as well as help capture memories that will last a lifetime!


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