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Sayen Gardens Engagement- Tim & Hannah

I started off Good Friday with such an excited spirit! I was meeting my good friends Tim and Hannah, for an engagement session. I spent the morning constantly checking the weather and praying during the entire car ride to Sayen Gardens that the rain would hold off and some sun would peak through. When I arrived, the clouds started to open, and the sun was shining!

We had a great morning walking and adventuring through the gardens and discovering beautiful places. The birds were chirping, and the trees and flowers were blooming. Tim and Hannah were all smiles and their love for each other was so radiant. As we walked, they shared with me some fun memories of the beginning of their relationship and reminisced over the awkward first dates.

Tim and Hannah, I am so excited to be your wedding photographer and to have the opportunity to capture these exiting moments in life!! Congratulations, and I cannot wait for the big day!

Sooo much love!!

Thank you for such a fun and beautiful session, Tim and Hannah!


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